Server Rules

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Below you will find the server rules for our MHG ARK Realism Cluster. Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick and possible ban.

No Griefing!

Griefing is when another player for example hits another players unconscious tame to decrees its effectiveness but dose not kill it, leads a wild giga to a players base to kill their tames and structures, leads a players tames into the water for them to drown, and popcorning items. There are many other ways to grief but those are just a few common examples.

No Spam in Global Chat!

Please do not use global chat unless you are trying to reach an admin or someone outside of your tribe. You can switch chat channels by pressing tab and use our discord for all other communication.

No Admin Compensation!

Please do not ask admins for compensation for the issues or bugs caused by ARK or yourself. If we did this, we would not be able to play the game ourselves since ARK is full of bugs and issues.

No Cheating, Hacking, and or Exploits!

Using cheats, hacks or exploits are strictly forbidden!

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