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  1. Blake2394


    Just realized this was in the PvE section. Are you talking about PvE or PvP?
  2. Blake2394


    Hello, Thank you for your suggestions. The narcotic mod was added to better balance the pvp of multiple players and good dinos vrs a solo. That way a solo can stand a chance by knocking out the other players tame. I have also made them cost a lot more than normal narc arrows (15-1) vrs the default (10-1). So their is a loss of narcotics by making one. It dose not matter what level the dino is as the stats scales for everyone. The only thing that would do is make the stats better but in-turn the other players will have the same stat potential too. So all it dose is help against wild dinos and show a higher number. Glad you have been enjoying the server! Please let me know if you have any other suggestions/input/comments/questions.... 🙂
  3. Blake2394

    Hello MHG

    Hello and welcome!
  4. The Ark PvP cluster has been wiped and Valagro was added! You can find the connection details at the bottom of the steam post! https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/1482109512318635065
  5. Blake2394


    thanks, will look into that!
  6. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

    The vote is now closed. We will be wiping the Ark PvP cluster and adding the new map! Thank you to all who participated in the vote! Sorry for the technical difficulties with the forum setup process but its now up and running and should be smooth sailing from here on out! I do not see a point in waiting until Monday for the wipe as the servers seem to be dead at the moment. So we will be moving forward starting tonight! The servers will be going offline 9:00pm PST tonight. I will also be doing a fresh install of Windows Server 2019 as I am getting sick of the Windows 10 force updates/reboots. So uptime will increase! PvE cluster will be setup after the PvP cluster is online. Please let me know of any mods you want to see on the PvE cluster and I might consider it!
  7. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

    Vote Verified and Validated Manually.
  8. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

    Elytron - NO Vote Verified and Validated Manually.
  9. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

    TONY - YES Vote Verified and Validated Manually.
  10. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

    Vote Verified and Validated Manually.
  11. Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know we will be adding a Ark PvE cluster and the new Valguero map to both clusters on 07/01/2019! The PvE cluster will have all 7 maps and Valguero will be coming to the PvP cluster regardless if the wipe happens or not. Hope to see you guys in the server!
  12. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

  13. Blake2394

    Server Wipe

    Hello Fellow Ark Players! Today were are taking a vote on if we should wipe the cluster on 07/01/2019. Vote Requirements: Steam Account Linked to Forums Account. Must have playtime on the ARK PvP Cluster. Vote Duration: 24 Hours Vote Options: yes - You want the server to be wiped. no - You do not want the server wiped. Vote Status: Closed Vote Total: 8 - YES 6 - NO
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